Our wines are some of the best wines in the world!

Tire Bouchon is a well-established wine trading and distribution company based in Lebanon and with the main functions of sourcing, marketing, and distributing international wine labels and alcoholic beverages in the Lebanese HORECA market. 

The company started out in 2011 out of a passion for enology by its two wine experts and enthusiasts. It soon witnessed rapid growth and is now recognized the primary terroirs-wine importer in Lebanon with labels from over 4 countries, namely Italy, Chile, France, and Argentina. 

With a full-fledged operation from sourcing to warehousing, marketing, selling, training, and after-sale support, we can proudly say that our clients’ portfolio includes top-of-range restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. 

We understand that wine is all about the knowledge and therefore we have developed an advanced training program in which we partner with our clients to educate and train their employees on all wine aspects including service, food pairing, label understanding, etc. 

We capitalize on our know-how and distribution network and constantly look to represent premium wine brands from all over the world. 


Our mission is to find and represent premium wine brands from all over the world that match the selective palettes of the Lebanese wine lovers which can be accomplished through working closely with our suppliers and maintaining strong relationships with our customers.


Tire Bouchon concentrates on brand building and brand customization in terms of representing its international brands in the Lebanese market.

We strive to build awareness of the brand through B2B tasting, selective distribution, and listings in the best wine carte.

We offer training and learning program that are tailored to provide solutions to help increase the productivity, performance, and profitability of the hospitality businesses and organizations.