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The 2012 Brunello Vintage is a Return to Finesse

Jan 232017

The 2012 Brunello Vintage is a Return to Finesse

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If you love elegant, age-worthy Sangiovese, then stock your wine cellar with 2012 Brunello di Montalcino.

Defying the intense heat of the growing season, many 2012 Brunellos have the vibrancy usually found in cooler vintages. They boast juicy red berry, noble tannins and impeccable balance that will allow them to age well for years. Out of the 140 Brunello 2012s I’ve tasted so far, 88 wines were rated 90 points or higher, with 20 earning 94 points or above. This vintage marked a return to finesse, enticing aromas and generally lower alcohol levels when compared to other recent releases.

The 2012s even have more consistent quality across the denomination than the highly acclaimed 2010s. The latter were a mixed bag divided between majestic wines boasting structure and finesse, and subpar wines marred by low acidity, cooked fruit and alcohol of 15% abv or more.