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Red Wine
  • Cold Cuts & Salami
  • Meat & Game
  • Cold Cuts & Salami
  • Meat & Game


Type: Red Wine

Country: Italy

Region: Toscana

Appellation: Chianti Classico DOCG

Grape Varieties: Sangiovese & Merlot Vineyard location: San Casciano

Vinifaction: the wine is made with the latest technology that tend to limit their contact with oxygen and enhance all the characteristics of a Chianti Classico. Depending on the vintage, the grapes maceration may be pro-longed, even 25-30 days.

Aging: The wine that is obtained is, in part, aged in oak barrels for 12 months, and partly in stainless steel.

This wine is the link to the tradition of the area and to the characteristics of the Tuscan grape par excellence, “the SANGIOVESE”, which makes Tuscany one of the most famous wine-growing regions in the world.

Tasting Notes: This wine shows an intense ruby red color. It’s persistent with hints of red fruits like blackberry and raspberry with a hint of vanilla given by its short aging in oak barrels.

Food Pairings: It goes well with red meats and wild venison.

Service Temperature: 17-18 °C.

Mutual Understanding that last through time

This wine is the winemaker’s homage to his wife, Margherita (Daisy), a strong, understanding woman who loved him dearly and supported him throughout difficult periods of his life. Convinced that his success was due to her alone, he decided to express his gratitude with this wine, commissioning a Swiss designer to create a label in the name of their enduring love and beautiful story.

The story of the label: a taste of a bit of history…

The Swiss designer took his inspiration from the portrait of the Bella Simonetta, by the famous Italian painter Botticelli. Simonetta Cattaneo was the daughter of a noble Genoese family. She was married very young to Marco Vespucci, cousin of the explorer Amerigo, who was a member of a family of wealthy bankers with whom the Florentine Medici family wished to have a close relationship. Simonetta Vespucci was exquisite and elegant: her contemporaries judged her to be the most beautiful woman alive, a true incarnation of Venus.

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